Twenty Fresh Creative eCommerce Web Designs

Web designers frequently browse through CSS Galleries Websites of other designers work for inspiration and ideas that can be used in their own work.  Today we are going to showcase twenty most inspirational creative e-commerce websites that we found. Enjoy!
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The use of Neon Colour in Graphic Design

Neon signage has now been around for decades; the signs in red, yellow blue and all other colours flashing brightly on shop fronts in the dark of the night are seldom noticed due to their common use.

However, in terms of graphic-design neon colours can really add something and could be considered akin their effect to when they first became popular in the 1920s, until they became less often seen after the 1960s.

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Vintage Print Advertising: Technology Through the Years

Current technology advertising trends veer towards the iconic, minimalist and slick, with limited amounts of copy and super-glossy design. However a quick look back through the annals reveals that this wasn’t always the case. As the world began to move towards a more technologically savvy age at the turn of the twentieth century, consumers sought reassurance and information from their press advertisements, whether they were looking to upgrade to the latest gramophone in the 1920s or indulge in the newest mobile phone in the 1980s. Here we take a brief look at the trends and styles that have defined press technology advertising throughout the last 100 years, bringing us bang up to date with today’s cutting-edge approach.

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Invoice and Billing: 2 Premium Quality WordPress Plugins

WordPress plugins are really great, because you even don’t need to know anything about coding to install and use some really great features. WP-Invoice and Web Invoice are free premium WordPress plugins for online invoicing and billing. These plugins are ideal for developers, designers, contractors, SEO consulting firms, freelancers and any small businesses owners that need to create, send and track the status of invoices. Continue reading

15 Useful jQuery Plugins For Web Designers And Developers

jQuery is a JavaScript library that is CSS3 compliant and supports many cross-browser features. The jQuery framework is extensible and very nicely handles DOM manipulations, CSS, animations, communications to server requests, document transversal and event handling.

I have compiled a collection of 15 useful jQuery plugins that should be useful for your next project.
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Web Browser Market Share – Should you still support IE6?

Internet Explorer 6

Anybody who has done some serious (or even not so serious) web design work knows what a pain Internet Explorer 6 can be.

Designs that render correctly in compliant browsers such as Firefox, Chrome and Safari just do not work in IE6 (or sometimes even in IE7 and IE8). Significant rework and workarounds are often required to make a website “compliant” for IE6.

So now that we have rolled into a new year, it’s time to make a decision. Should I still attempt to make my website designs IE6 compliant (even if a client asks for it)?

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