phpMyAdmin Tutorial (Video Tutorial)

phpMyAdmin Tutorial (Video Tutorial)

Large websites with plenty of material may require worldwide updates to the data in your WordPress database tables. You might be lucky, and a specific WordPress plugin has an admin panel where you can make the necessary changes. Still, usually, the admin panel does not accommodate the case where you need to make hundreds of similar updates to a large number of fields. This phpMyAdmin tutorial will walk you through using this tool to update values in a MySQL database on a WordPress website.

The Problem

When WordPress or a WordPress plugin lacks a graphical user interface, it is difficult to make global changes to the data in your WordPress database. This can be a significant issue if you need to raise all of the prices in your online store.

The Solution

WordPress uses the MySQL database, which has the advantage of allowing you to easily export or import data into any MySQL database table (or even the entire database). You may be unaware that there is a fantastic tool called phpMyAdmin that you can use to do all of your data exporting and importing. phpMyAdmin can be accessed through your cPanel (most hosting providers offer cPanel with your hosting account for free).

For instance, you might need to:

  • Export all your product information from a specific WordPress plugin to a CSV file.
  • Increase all of your eCommerce store’s prices by 10%.
  • Change links on a global scale across the entire database.
  • Globally update email addresses across the entire database.

Video Tutorial

Because phpMyAdmin is so simple to use, I created this tutorial to teach you how to use it. Once you’ve figured out how to use this tool, you’ll be able to make changes to your data quickly.