WordPress 3.0 New Features Quick Guide

Wordpress has been one of the most popular and powerful open-source blogging platforms and CMS available today. This is evident from 28,000 people downloading WordPress every day, with over 11.4 million active installations that also include news outlets and corporate sites. It has always been a great catalyst for giving the world a voice. This very infamous platform is spinning the developers, designers and bloggers on wheel with its most fascinating and useful upgrades with the release of WordPress 3.0. So let us take a quick glance at what this major release baggage packs for its users.

Custom admin and Password

Wordpress 3.0 custom admin password

We begin with the overhauled welcome screen that allows the users to now choose a username and settings for their password. It is far better and lot more secure than the initial settings where default username was automatically generated as “admin.” After installation of WordPress, users had to create a new username and then delete the default admin as failing to do so raised potential risk to security, leaving the site vulnerable to hacking attacks. This issue now remains solved in the WP3.

Default Theme “Twenty Ten”

wordpress 3.0 default twenty ten theme

The over-used, and a little unappealing, Kubrick has finally been ditched by WP3 replacing it with a more exciting and lively “Twenty Ten” theme instead. The new theme has a built-in support for child themes , header customization, background alterations and drop-down menus. The users could also use their creative skills to customize the looks and widgets from the administration panel itself. What more could you ask for!

Host Multiple Blogs

This is perhaps the most talked about feature of the new WordPress 3.0. The ability to create a number of websites using just one single installation of wordpress is definitely a sumptuous deal for the developers. Initially the users had to use a separate version of wordpress called the MU to run multiple blogs from the same instance. But thanks to WordPress 3.0, MU now comes integrated into the main version easing the task of the users significantly. However you will need to add a line to your wp-config.php that may result into novice users committing few mistakes.

Custom Post Type

Wordpress 3.0 custom post type

Custom Posts allow users to create new post type with additional fields. Hence instead of tagging each page as a blog post, the users may define it their own way using additional themes and pluggins. Thus users can create any type of content with as many attributes for their website without having to worry about skipping a field or miss-formatting mistakably.

Great Tutorials For Custom Post Type

WordPress 3.0 Codex Page (for custom post type)

Showing custom post types on your home/blog page

First Impressions of Custom Post Type

Create your first WordPress Custom Post Type

(Try the Custom Post Type UI or GD Custom Posts And Taxonomies Tools plugins to see the possibilities.)

Customize Headers and change Background Colors Instantly

wp3 customize headers

With no need of having to dip into the CSS editor, even the non technical users can now easily upload their own header backgrounds and also change background of posts and pages directly from the WordPress administration panel.

Custom Taxonomies

Yes the WordPress 2.8 already offered custom taxonomies to the users however with the recent 3.0 version, they have now received additional options and abilities. They now make classifying posts easy and thus help finding relevant information faster. Users may now sort posts by custom data that could include ratings for movie reviews and so on.

Great Tutorials For Custom Taxonomies

WordPress 3.0 Codex Page (for custom taxonomies)

Introducing WordPress 3 Custom Taxonomies

The Essential Guide to WordPress 3.0 Custom Taxonomies

Multiple Plugins

Wordpress’ plug-in repository is home to around 10,000 plug-ins,that allow users to fiddle around with the look and feel of their websites. Bulk updating of plug-ins allows users to update 15 plug-ins at once with a single click, from both the plug-ins page and the renamed “WordPress Updates” page.

Universal Help Menus

wordpress 3.0 universal help menus

The context-sensitive help on any page from within the WordPress admin area is a great feature for the novice users. Accessible via a simple help tab, the feature displays information and details regarding the specific section or page of the admin panel in question.

Easy Login

The users may now easily display a login form from any section of their website page, that would facilitate users to login from the blog instead of having to go to the standard WordPress login page.

Well that precisely covers the most important features that WordPress 3.0 offers to its user community. A number of them as we may notice help even the beginners to efficiently exploit the immense potential of wordpress. The others have further enhanced the experience of the connoisseurs thus making WordPress the ultimate resort for the web enthusiasts trying to make a mark in the online world.

For a more comprehensive list of features you may visit the WordPress 3.0 Codex page.

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