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phpMyAdmin Tutorial (Video Tutorial)

If you have an established website with lots of content, one day you may need to make some global updates to the data in your WordPress database tables. You might be lucky and a particular WordPress plugin may have an admin panel so you can make the required changes, but usually the admin panel does not cater for the case when you need to make hundreds of similar updates to lots of fields. This phpMyAdmin tutorial will show you exactly how to use this tool to update values in a MySQL database in a WordPress website.

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How to Sell Photos from your WordPress Site (Video Tutorial)

sell photos wordpress

If you are a professional photographer (or even a hobby photographer), you know that it can be quite profitable to sell your digital photos from your own online store since you won’t need to pay commissions to anyone else. This tutorial shows you how easy it is to sell photos using WordPress and the WP eStore plugin.

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