32 Specific to WordPress Category Hacks And Useful Resources

Here are 33 Specific to WordPress Category Hacks and Useful Resources, focusing on RSS related to category, control through .htaccess file, plugins specific to category resources to reduce time and give us a better understanding of WordPress.

WordPress Category Hacks And Resources

  1. Category Templates
  2. Template Hierarchy
  3. Category and or Categories Related WordPress Forum Topics (very helpful)
  4. Template Hierarchy (Map)
  5. What Every Blogger Needs to Know About Categories
  6. Display Related Post In WordPress Without Plugin (based on category or by tag)
  7. Display the Recent Posts of Specific Categories
  8. Delete word “Category” From WordPress Default Category Url (plugin or file modification)
  9. Remove word category from your WordPress url (through .htaccess hack)
  10. Disable search engine indexing on a particular category
  11. How To: Blocking Your WordPress Categories and Archives From Google
  12. Display WP Post Category without link
  13. WordPress tip : change excerpt length depending of the category
  14. Highlight the current category
  15. 10 Most Wanted Category Hacks and Plugins for WordPress
  • Display Certain Categories in a Menu
  • Display Category in a Dropdown Menu
  • Exclude Certain Categories from Being Displayed in a Loop
  • Display the Most Recent Posts from a Specific Category
  • Exclude a Specific Category from RSS Feeds
  • Make a Separate RSS Feed for Each Category
  • Assign an Author to a Specific Category
  • Show Post Excerpts on Category Pages
  • Show Category Icons
  • Display Category Description in Template
  1. How to: Provide a rss feed per category to your readers
  2. Separate RSS Feed for Each Category in WordPress
  3. Redirect WordPress Individual Category Feeds to Feedburner via HTAccess
  4. How to Display a Category only if it has Posts in WordPress
  5. Display Subcategories on Category Pages in WordPress
  6. How to modify your WordPress RSS Feed
  7. How to: List WordPress category feeds
  8. Creating Multiple Single Posts for Different Categories
  9. Very Easy WordPress Theme Hack: Show Category Images
  10. WordPress Category Page Hacks
  11. 9 Things You can do with Categories
  12. WordPress Theme Hacks
  • Dynamic Highlight Menu
  • Feature post highlighting
  • Unique Category template
  • Query Posts
  • Display Feature Posts
  • Exclude specific category
  • Category prefix
  1. How to: Use different single template per category
  2. How to: find WordPress category ID
  3. Displaying WordPress categories in a horizontal dropdown menu
  4. WordPress trick: function to get tags related to category
  5. Get tags specific to a particular category on your WordPress blog
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