10 Reasons To Choose Freelancing Over Regular Job

As a child what are our most desired assets? Probably toys and candies! Growing up further we get a little more demanding and eye for stylish clothes, chic accessories, the best mobile and some other teenage fancies. Coming out of all the fruity and flamboyant life that we enjoy because of our parent’s hardships, we soon enter the most turning phase of our lives of deciding a career or achieving our dream job. Doctors, engineers, managers, musicians, artists and so on, there are a number of career prospects that await these young talented minds with wide arms. But how many of us have ever thought of choosing a Freelancing as a career option?

Not many of us right? That is because of the wrong assumption of the community that freelancing is for the people with failed attempt of being a part of the industry. But not many of you out there would agree to this postulation. Freelancing is held in a far high esteem and regarded as one of the very lucrative career opportunities that is swiftly gaining momentum in the industry. It is one platform that brings talented individuals together to offer their services to different clients in diverse fields. But is it safe to choose freelancing over a regular job? Read on to find out how freelancing can be a better career option for you.


Freedom is the first benefit that comes with choosing freelancing as a career. You are the maker and the controller of your own destiny. You do not have any boss standing over your head and whining or cribbing all the time, or waking up the next day only to know you have been fired by your huffy manager. You get to decide your own guidelines, your own work schedules, even your clients and choose for yourself the best workplace and environment even if it is sitting on a beach watching the waves hit the shores.

Build Brand and Individuality

How do you wish to be known in life? As somebody or just anybody from the crowd? A freelancer has his own individuality, his own name and a brand as how the world knows or will know him. He is credited or in worst cases criticized for his work, but it is him who reaps the benefits of all the hardwork and emerges out as a bigwig. However in the large corporate pond, you might end up being a small fish with sharks all around.

More Growth

While you are working sitting at the desk in the office, how many people do you actually get to work with or think are influenced with your efforts? Probably a handful of them with others too clogged up with their own errands and may be not too interested in what you have achieved? Working as a freelancer gives you the liberty to work with more talented people who are more active and responsive giving you an opportunity to learn from other brilliant minds that are pioneers in the field.


Whether you are a writer, a photographer, a designer, a consultant or so on, learning from mistakes and receiving feedbacks in person from your clients only helps polishing your skills. Being a freelancer, your work exhibits your talent and you always strive for giving your best that in turn fosters your hold over your field.

More Contacts and Social Profile

In order to build a social rapport and make as well sustain your online or offline presence, it is very important to engage with people constantly. As a freelancer you are the developer and the marketer of your brand. Hence meeting or interacting with new people, building relationships and then sustaining them forms an integral part of life. And you may never know when these connections may turn into business. A regular employee however will very rarely come out of his protected shell until it is the only alternative available.

Creativity and Variety

Freelancers are usually very creative people. That’s because majority of them either belong to the field of writing, art, designing or photography. Being self employed and wholly responsible for their work, they master the art of self sufficiency and for that their creative minds are always busy cooking new ideas and solutions to their every need. Creativity thus gives birth to variety and breeds innovation and diversity in work. In a strict corporate environment, your thoughts are by and large dictated by predefined set of rules and regulations and sometimes even your snobbish seniors.

Enhanced Productivity

Ideas from the creative minds are like the ever flowing streams of rivers that gush out incessantly from the mouth of glaciers. A freelancer will never run out of his creativity , will always be inspired for bringing a change and that will always help him deliver the best of his services. Also all away from the unnecessary distractions, instances where lack of leadership and dirty politics of the co-workers result in failures, a freelancer undoubtedly gets a more healthy work environment. Unlike the regular employees, he cannot be a whiner as in a field where his work is his identity, there is no place for compromise with commitments.

Become Strategic and a Risk taker

No job is risk free. Whether you are an employee, an entrepreneur, a business tycoon or a freelancer, risk haunts every room of every business empire. Talk about the recent economy slump and count the massive layoff across the world, do corporate guys still feel secured? Freelancers on the other hand are not averse to risk and that’s evident from the very first decision of choosing freelancing as a career. Being the owner of their own business where they individually bear the consequences, freelancers are more strategic and have a better forecast to deal with such adverse industry situations.

Job Satisfaction and Happiness

Very often I have seen people wasting their lives stuck in wrong jobs. So why not make your passion your profession? No work is big or small, it’s the attitude and the zeal to achieve the goal that counts the most. A freelancer chooses his job according to his own interest and hence will always love his work. This very fondness will cultivate more motivation and finally satisfaction for having done something just perfectly. And what can be more rewarding than the feeling of contentment with your work?

Profit or Loss, it is all yours

The last point precisely sums up all that I have said so far. Freelancing is self employment where you give your ideas and skills a platform to reach the audience. Your success is determined by your endeavors and loyalty to work that multiplies with time to return maximum benefits of your services. At the end whether you make dollars or are lost in vast pool of freelancers, it is you who holds the sole responsibility of your success or failure and reap what you have sown.

Kirk is a software / web developer & business consultant. He has been doing online marketing and product development for the last eight years, and been an entrepreneur for the last five. BlogWebDesigner was created to help Internet Marketers sell more stuff online.
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